Formica Countertops Refinishing

Don’t Replace, Refinish!

Should You Replace Or Refinish Formica Countertop?

Have You Considered Formica Countertops Refinishing?

The largest manufacturer of laminate countertops in the world is Formica. Most often, these are found on bathroom vanities and in the kitchen. Very easy to clean, they are perfect work surfaces due to the non-porous nature of the material. However, they can be chipped, damaged by the high heat of a hot pan, or sliced by a misplaced knife cut.

Over time, this wear-and-tear, or a redecoration calling for a different color, means that home owners consider replacing the old Formica countertop with a new look. Instead of making the expensive decision to replace them with a hard surfaced countertop such as granite, you might want to consider refinishing them instead. The cost of replacing can run 50% higher than the cost of refinishing and it is a quicker and less messy process.

How Does The Laminate Refinishing Process Work On Formica Countertops?

Before you begin, you’ll need to thoroughly de-grease and clean your Formica countertop. Imperfections such as chips, burns, and cuts will be filled and sanded in order to present a perfectly level surface. In order to ensure adhesion, a Unique Stone Resurfacing™ bonding agent is first applied and followed with multiple thin layers of high tech acrylic enamel to create a strong and smooth finish capable of lasting for several years. The refinished countertop will be ready for use within 1 to 3 days.

Why Can’t I Just Paint My Formica Countertops?

Home owners have used latex paints, enamel spray paints, and epoxies to refurbish their formica countertops in the past. The end result pales when compared to the factory finish a refinishing pro delivers when the Unique Stone Resurfacing™ product is used. This is because the Unique Stone Resurfacing™ is especially designed to restore laminate countertops made by companies such as Formica and Wilsonart with a special coating formula.

Simply put, the DIY refinishing kits or a painting project will not stand the test of time or deliver a high quality result. You’ll even get extra design options when you choose Unique Stone Resurfacing™ by a professional. Stone Look, the latest stone-like finish, is available in many different design colors.

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