Walking In Bathtub with Door

Add a door to your bathtub with our walk-in bathtub with door conversion.
Walk In Bathtub with Door
Walk In Bathtub with Door
The Walk In Bathtub with Door is an innovative product and a simple installation process allows you to gain access to your bathtub in an easier and safer way.

The installation process involves removing a small specified portion of the already installed bath tub and fitting the Walk In Bathtub with Door into the resultant opening. It can easily be installed into most bathtub types, including cast iron, steel or fiberglass. This is an ideal method of changing your bathtub into a walk-in shower area.

Walk In Bathtub with Door
Walk In Bathtub with Door

Features and Benefits of the Walk In Bathtub with Door

Not only will you gain an instant walk-in shower area, but there are several other benefits to this product:

It offers a watertight door to the existing tub, which can be sealed.

It eliminates the requirement to remove the existing tub if you want a walk-in shower as it is installed into the existing bathtub.

It offers easy and safe access to the shower or bath area.

It is safe as it eliminates having to climb over the side of the bath to gain access.

The product can be effectively installed in less than one working day.

The costs involved are much less than having to remodel an entire bathroom.

This method of converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower is a perfect solution for senior housing, personal residences and hotels.

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