Walk in bathtub Conversion in South Bradenton, Fl

South Bradenton, Florida, is a river city in the Tampa Bay region of the state of Florida. Whatever the reason, the city provides everything you could possibly want or need: a new career, retirement, or a terrific environment to raise your family. In addition to stunning views of the ocean, this region has a laid-back attitude and a number of excellent aquariums.

It’s a great place to live, with excellent facilities and weather. Many people choose to settle in Bradenton because of the abundance of things to see and do both inside the city limits and in the surrounding region. The South Florida Museum, Bishop Planetarium and  Parker Manatee Aquarium, De Soto National Monument, and Robinson Nature Preserve are just a few of the most popular attractions in the region.

The cost of the local housing is also a major factor in many people’s decision to relocate to the region. With a median price of $135,000, the city’s housing market is over 18% cheaper than the state’s and over 50% cheaper than the country. Despite the cheap cost of living, property values in the region are likely to rise steadily in the next year, with an average annual appreciation of 4.9% and a projected five-year growth rate of 10.7%.


The bathtub is a dangerous place to be if you’ve been hurt in an accident. As many as 25,000 accidents occur each year, and those affected are elderly or handicapped persons. In order to make the restroom more accessible and safe, remodeling it is quite costly. When it comes to utilizing a bathtub, there are two options: the walk-in bathtub and the walk-in bathtub with door. An inexpensive solution to prevent mishaps in this part of your home is to utilize them.

Disabled people typically have difficulties getting into and out of the tub. For the elderly, this is also true. Because of the accessibility provided by our walk-in bathtubs, people with mobility impairments are able to bathe in their own homes with ease.

The setup process is simple and straightforward. Walk in Bathtub and Bathtub with Door are usually ready to use within twenty-four hours in most circumstances. Any tub may benefit from Unique Stone Resurfacing, regardless of its material. Consider getting a Walk-in Bathtub or a Walk-in Bathtub with Door for a family member or friend who has difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub.

No matter who you’re attempting to aid, the bathtub accessibility solutions from Unique Stone Resurfacing can provide solution you’re looking for. The cost of the conversion is affordable for most people, and it can be implemented fast. The Walk in Bathtub costs little under $900 and makes it possible for individuals to shower securely. The Walk in Bathtub with Door costs about $1500 and adds a water-tight door to the bathtub while still maintaining the bathtub’s convenience.

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