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Unknowingly, most of us tend to be in a hurry to clean up and leave the master bathroom which essentially shouldn’t be the case. In fact the bathroom should be your own mini-spa so to speak; where all your day’s sorrows are drowned, your fatigue released and a place where inner-healing takes place in general. There may be a plethora of explanations behind your rush – maybe it’s the way your toilet is placed or the poor lighting that deters you from perusing the Sunday newspaper. Whatever the case, you master bathroom should be a sanctuary and this can only be achieved through remodeling.

According to recent statistics, the bathroom ranks second on the most renovated spaces list at home behind the kitchen. After twenty years, this space starts to wear and tear. You will notice some cracks on the wall from all the moisture, loose tiles, chipped countertops and grimy grout all over. The harsh economic environment has however deterred most from renovating and upgrading thus pushing the fixtures way past their lifespan.

Indeed, bathrooms are quite expensive to remodel. The numerous fixtures to be replaced and plumbing involved can prove to be a daunting task and expensive affair. You will have to fit the numerous fixtures and hardware in the compact space and make the most out of it. In essence, it is of paramount importance to note that you need not spend a fortune to achieve the result you so yearn.

The Costs Involved and
How to Budget

Where do I start? How much should I spend? These are just some of the common questions asked by most home owners looking to embark on the project. An essential rule of thumb is that your comprehensive budget including workmanship and materials should not go beyond 10 percent of your property’s value. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the national average is approximately $16,000.

A Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling Magazine compared the average cost of a number of remodeling projects with the value they retain during resale. It revealed that in 2011-2012, mid-sized bathroom renovation projects cost averagely $16,552 and recouped up to 62% of this amount. An upscale renovation project on the flipside cost an average $52,249 and recouped 56%.

The report below by NKBA reflects how a typical bathroom remodeling budget looks:

Hardware and cabinet space – 16%

Lighting and aeration – 5%

Labor – 20%

Fixtures – 15%

Flooring – 9%

Walls and ceiling – 5%

Plumbing and faucets – 14%

Countertop – 7%

Design fee – 4%

Doors and windows – 4%

5 Paramount Tips That Will
Make All The Difference

Bathroom remodeling is all about attention to detail; what you basically make out of the limited space. The details below don’t come cheap, but can work magic and turn the space into a wonderful sanctuary that you will enjoy for years to come.
Radiant flooring is indeed the real definition of modern living. The effective heating system not only works at warming your feet during those cold mornings but also at enhancing safety through quick drying of moisture on the floor to reduce the risk of slipping.
Bathrooms are privately tucked away deep within the home meaning natural lighting can be hard to come by. Skylights can solve this and are a great way to tap optimal lighting in your master bathroom, if it is located on the top floor though.
Stain-resistant grout is can indeed go a long way in easing your cleaning burden in the bathroom. You can also opt for darker, thinner grout lines too.
Those with a single vanity bathroom are aware of how fog can affect your shaving or grooming. Installing a heated shower mirror however offers a fog-free mirror that you can use for your grooming anytime.
While remodeling a bathroom, it is important to identify what your focal point will be. In essence, adding a framed mirror can change the look of your space and serve as a unique design enhancement that you rarely come across elsewhere.

Bathtub refinishing gives you the same great look and feel of a full replacement, but at 25% of the cost!

The $2,000

Contrary to common perception, you do not need to break bank to achieve a great look that distinguishes your bathroom from the rest. In fact, with a couple thousand dollars, you can upgrade the face of your master bathroom more so if there aren’t any plumbing issues to deal with.
For starters, resurface your tub with a Unique Stone’s Liquid Porcelain finish to restore its natural glossy look and extend its lifespan and while at it, resurface your countertops too, with a Unique Natural, Satin or Glass Stone finish.
Install new vinyl flooring which is very affordable and throw in a faucet or mirror depending on what you need most.
Upgrade your lighting and ventilation through installing exclusive LED lighting and an exhaust fan respectively.

How to Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, many people focus on the master, because that is the space they use most often. However, most houses have at least one additional bathroom, and these “secondary” spaces are generally used even more than the master bathroom. They are therefore perfect spaces to update, particularly if you have children or entertain guests often.

Guest Bathroom

Do you have children? Or, do you simply enjoy having other people over to your home? A second bathroom is standard in most houses, unless the floor plan is particularly small. If your house only has one, adding another is probably a priority for you. There are a few things you should focus on during the renovation process.


Second bathrooms are often used heavily, not only by family members but by guests as well. Therefore, it is crucial to have ventilation, particularly in light of the fact that the shower is going to be running fairly often. If you are concerned that the fan may stay on unnecessarily, pick up a model that simply registers when it is humid and turns on and off on its own.


A second bathroom is exposed to a lot of wear and tear, particularly if there are kids in the house. Both counter tops and flooring can be purchased as a plastic laminate, which does not cost a lot of money and should last a very long time. A laminate counter top can be resurfaced with Unique Stone, an option that helps it look great at an affordable price. For your fixtures, look for brass pieces and a PVD finish. This makes it less likely that nicks and chips will occur. Chrome is a good choice, as bronze and nickel are a little trickier to work with. When painting, select something that keeps mildew away.


Some people like to take showers. Others like to take baths. Even if you fall into the former category, your bathroom should still have a tub for resale value. Go with a shower and tub combination. You can pick up a molded acrylic unit, all in one piece, and have it [Resurfaced with Unique Natural, Satin or Glass Stone finish]. It will look great and should not break your budget.

Powder Room

Powder rooms are generally pretty small. They were created to take advantage of all available space, but that does not mean they have to look unattractive. Because powder rooms generally do not get a lot of use, you simply want to make the space stand out as much as possible.

Keep things simple. You need a toilet and a sink in the room. That is standard. Look for a round toilet, because it is not as bulky as other models. In addition, rather than going with a sink and a vanity, think about buying a pedestal sink as it is much more streamlined. If you have an issue with your sink and your toilet matching, you have the option of going with Unique Stone Liquid Porcelain. The color can be changed so that the items go with one another.

Do not be afraid to experiment. You can get a little wild in the powder room. For example, you may decide to paint the walls a dark color or accent with dark decor. That is perfectly acceptable. Also, go a little crazy with the accessories. There is not a lot that can fit in the room, so you can pick up some high quality items. For example, get a nice faucet. There are some beautiful models available.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

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