Granite Countertops

Advantages of Granite Countertops
In luxury and custom homes, granite countertops have been the norm for quite some time. The unique colors and patterns found in the rock create a striking look at the center of many kitchens. Because granite has been formed by nature to be extremely durable due to its hard nature, kitchen re-modelers and interior design specialist tout its functional use as well as its enduring beauty as a heavy-duty kitchen work surface.

The Downside of Granite Countertops

With all the positive talk, it is important to understand the drawbacks associated with the choice of granite in the kitchen. First and foremost, the slabs are very expensive and new cabinets are generally required to match the stone. In order to look their best, granite slabs must be precision cut to properly meet up and ensure that adjoining pieces match up.

They are also in need of regular maintenance to retain their beauty. Manufacturers recommend using a special penetrating sealer every six months which must be polished to work properly. If this step is omitted, the countertops quickly dull and can easily become stained. In order to protect them, liquids that contain either acids or alcohol must be kept off the countertop to avoid etching the granite finish.

Between seals and polishes, cleaning must be done exclusively with granite-safe cleaners. Heavy pots and pans or stone pottery can chip and permanently damage your expensive kitchen addition. Repairing imperfections due to use is troublesome and generally remains visible to the eye.

If a stainless steel sink is chosen, it may be very expensive to replace when you have a granite countertop installed. Home owners find that they must completely remove the countertop and any granite back splash. This can be a very expensive project.

Are There Affordable Alternatives To Granite?

A very affordable alternative to granite is Unique Stone Resurfacing™. The company calls it Stone Look but consumers see the high tech coating that delivers a granite look without the unwanted costs or maintenance of granite countertops. In fact, many homeowners like this better than granite itself.

With Unique Stone Resurfacing™, homeowners have many colors, texture and finishing choices to truly customize their kitchen look. Kitchen makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune and they stay looking good for years since the countertop can be easily repaired.

The Advantages of Granite Countertops
The Advantages of Granite Countertops

The Pros Of Granite Countertops

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  • In a nutshell, professionals like granite in kitchens because it is:
  • A very hard material that resists damage by sharp tools and is not easily scratched.
  • Capable of handling very hot pots without damage to the countertop.
  • Unique due to the wide array of colors and patterns that natural occur in the stone.


The Cons Of Granite Countertops

On the other hand, experience has taught that granite might not be such a good idea because it is:

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  • A porous material that is riddled with tiny holes where bacteria can grow.
  • Necessary to seal on a regular basis.
  • Almost impossible to repair once damage has been sustained.
  • Difficult to cut to match up seams.
  • Readily stained by citrus, alcohol, and acidic liquids.
  • Sometimes a repository of radon and can be a source of unwanted radiation within your home.


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