Countertop Refinishing Steps

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Countertop Refinishing Steps
Countertop Refinishing Steps
Unique Stone Resurfacing offers surface refinishing, which is a proven process where damaged or worn out cultured marble vanities or Corian, tile or laminate countertops are restored to a nearly new feel and appearance without having expensive replacement costs to pay.

Ugly, old surfaces are first repaired. Then they are restored through the application of a new finish through the use of hi-tech acrylic coatings. When the Unique Stone Resurfacing bonding agent is coupled with the advanced coating, it creates finishes that are incredibly durable and hard. Most people, in fact, can’t tell the difference between a new surface and a refinished one done by Unique Stone Resurfacing. That’s how good the results are.

The main reasons why property and hotel managers, as well as homeowners, choose professional refinishing is because it saves them money and time. Cost savings can be as much as 50% compared to total replacement. Usually, the process takes a couple of days instead of weeks. Refinishing always comes out the winner when you compare it to the total cost of replacement, which involves hiring tile setters, plumbers, tear out and all of the mess and time replacement involves.

The latest reasons why so many people are having refinishing jobs done is makeovers and redecorating. Your outdated tile, Corian or Formica countertop can be transformed into a beautiful solid, stone surface appearance with Natural Accents from Unique Stone Resurfacing that matches the decor of your home or other building. For those wanting a complete total makeover appearance for their bathroom or kitchen without the hassle and mess of replacement and removal remodeling, refinishing is a decorating alternative that is very cost effective.

Step 1

Your home is top priority

Our Unique Stone Resurfacing staff will take great care to make sure surrounding areas are protected from over spray and masked off. We use exhaust fans to properly exhaust all odors that are unpleasant and the result of the refinishing process we perform.

Step 2

Surface preparation is critical

A special two step cleaning process is used on the vanity or countertop surface to remove grease, dirt or other substances that could impede the refinishing process. All knife marks and chips are filled in and then sanded until they are level and smooth.

Step 3

Getting it to stick- what makes our process different

The main key to achieving professional refinishing results is making sure the new finish sticks to the old surface. The bonding agent that Unique Stone Resurfacing uses is applied to the vanity or countertop and chemically bonds with the new finish to the old surface. The bonding agent that we use provides adhesion on ceramic tile, cultured marble, Corian or laminate countertop surfaces. This offers greater durability and superior adhesion. It is also safe to handle and use. It is one of the main reasons that Albuquerque’s preferred refinisher is Unique Stone Resurfacing. Our bonding agent makes the need to use dangerous acids completely unnecessary and creates a bond that is superior and enables Unique Stone Resurfacing to offer adhesion warranties with confidence for countertop surface refinishing jobs.

Step 4

Your new surface

The Natural Accents stone look appearance from Unique Stone Resurfacing has emerged as the most popular countertop process that we do. The technologically advanced coating is beautiful, and also durable and affordable. Your professional refinisher from Unique Stone Resurfacing will be more than happy to furnish you with samples and demonstrate how durable it is.

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