Refinishing Tile Countertops

Replacement or Refinishing

Are You Considering Installing Tile Countertops?

Refinishing Tile Countertops
Refinishing Tile Countertops
The most common places that tile countertops are found are either in the bathroom or kitchen. Tile countertops are quite durable and available in a wide array of textures and colors. Countertops should have porcelain or ceramic tile because they are less porous and more durable. Think about using tile that is a lighter color and has a matte finish. That way scratches won’t be as noticeable. Before you install tile countertops, think about refinishing the ones that you already have. Refinishing is an alternative green remodeling option that can save you a great deal of money and time compared to having new tile countertops installed.

Are your tile countertops needing being replaced or repaired?

If you have tile countertops that are scratched or chipped, most likely they can be refinished rather than having to be replaced. Cracks and chips can be filled in and then repaired and refinished. This can make your tile appear to be brand new.

Do you have stained tile grout?

Tile countertop grout lines are very porous. When grout is first installed it needs to be sealed, and therefore it should be sealed again periodically. It’s time for you to have the grout resealed when water doesn’t bead up. Once the grout gets stained, unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to clean it. Tile refinishing does have one major advantage in that the process does seal grout lines permanently. This makes it very easy to keep grout lines clean and maintained.

What cost savings will I achieve by tile countertops refinishing?

Whether you have tile countertops that need to be replaced or are damaged, it is almost always the case that countertop refinishing involves less hassle and is more affordable. Refinishing saves as much as 75% of what total replacement costs would be. Refinishing is faster and less expensive. Replacing tile countertops involves demolition that is messy as well as expensive labor costs for tile setting. The demolition and replacement takes days, and sometimes weeks before you get your kitchen back. On the other hand, when you have a refinishing project done, typically you will be able to use your kitchen within one or two days for light duty.

What sdvantages does tile countertops refinishing offer?

Countertops not only vary in terms of their material composition, they also have advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages to Tile Countertops

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  • Good heat resistance
  • Good color selection
  • Resistant to scratches and knife cuts


Disadvantages To Tile Countertops

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  • Expensive and hard to repair
  • If not sealed, grout lines stain easily and are porous
  • Hard to clean
  • Expensive to install


Advantages To Refinishing Tile Countertops

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  • Easy to clean, non-porous
  • Repairable
  • Heat and stain resistant
  • Grout is easy to clean and sealed
  • Inexpensive


Disadvantages To Refinishing Tile Countertops

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  • If a cutting board is not used, they can get scratched or cut specially on high gloss resurface finish.


How to find professional tile countertops refinisher.

Refinishing isn’t a good Do-It-Yourself project. A professional refinisher can provide you with the best results. Tile countertops that are professionally refinished will have the feel and appearance of brand new countertops. Call our office to receive a free estimate for tile countertops refinishing or click on the Request Free Estimate link to get your free quote from one of our Unique Stone Resurfacing™ professionals.

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