Walking In Bathtub

Add a step in to your bathtub with our walk-in bathtub conversion.

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Walk In Bathtub
Walk In Bathtub
The Walk In Bathtub is an easy and economical method of renovation to make access to your bath easier and safer. It can be used to change your bathtub into a walk-in shower.

The installation of the Walk In Bathtub involves the removal of a small part of the bathtub and fitting the opening with the mechanism. It can be installed in most bath styles, including cast iron, steel and fiberglass.

Walk In Bathtub
Walk In Bathtub

Features and Benefits of the Walk In Bathtub

The benefits of the Walk In Bathtub are quite enormous if you consider that there is no need to completely renovate your bathroom. It includes:

The product is installed into the existing tub, hence no requirement to remove the tub.

It offers users easier access to the bath or shower area.

It drastically reduces the risks of falls.

The installation process can be completed in less than a day.

The installation costs are a mere fraction of what it would be if the bathroom was to be remodeled.

It is a perfect solution for personal residences, hotels, care homes and housing for the elderly.

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